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Organization Development

What is Organization Development?

There is no single definition of Organizational Development. Think for a short moment about the organization to which you belong. Quickly noticeable is that very many aspects may influence the development of your organization. Organization development is an interdisciplinary field with contributions from Human Resources Consulting, organizational psychology, sociology, corporate communication and many other disciplines. Organizational development focuses on how the organization and its constituents or employees function together.

The definition of the target is much easier:

Collaborating with organizational leaders and their groups to create systemic change optimizing processes and systems and thus leveraging productivity increases and employee satisfaction through the strengthening of the human processes through which they get their work done.

What we do to reach the goals | PiA-Consulting

What we do to reach the goals

We are passionate about Excellence

Are committed to providing the results that our clients expect from our work.

We ask the right questions and take answers seriously:

Does the organization meet the needs of its employees?

How can the symbiotic relationship between employee satisfaction and organizational success be optimized?

Do the employees work effectively to make the organization a success?

How we do it:

We help our clients select, engage and develop talent that improves and sustains organizational performance. Our solutions are designed to develop measurable success of individuals, teams and, ultimately, your organization.

An important first step in the organizational development consulting process is a needs assessment, involving onsite interviews of stakeholders and other key individuals and, subsequently, in-depth evaluation of issues impacting organizational effectiveness. This process includes capturing critical findings and developing recommendations that generally involve a combination of organizational development consulting and training services.

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