Our consultancy seeks to align Human Resource

policies and systems with the company ́s culture and strategy.

Executive Coaching

Human Resources Management

In a constantly changing environment where the competitive advantages are every day growing smaller, human resources and its efficient management, has assumed a strategic importance at the time of competing.

Before your leaders can inspire their teams, someone needs to inspire them.

To broaden the challenge of attracting and maintaing talented executives and professionals, companies require having a strategy and human resources system that promotes motivation and people development within the organization. Our training involves providing a range of planned activities that enable an employee to develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge required by the organization and the ensuing work requirements.

We offer Human Resources Consulting aligned with the strategy of each organization, delivering tailor-made solutions based on the specific necessities diagnosed together with our clients.

High potential retaining plans

Develop and Retain the Best Talent in your Organization

Strategic Human Resources Management Policies and Systems Design

Employee training and development activities are important in all businesses. In addition to improving your employees' skills specifically to your business, it is important for you and your employees to be up-to-date in management and administration areas including sales, marketing, administration and human resources.

Career development programs have a real effect on your organization’s bottom line. High-performing companies are up to 2.7 times more likely to provide development programs for emerging talent as well as high potentials according to Boston Consulting Group („From Capability to Profitability – Realizing the Value of People Management … ” - Rainer Strack, Jean-Michel Caye, Carsten von der Linden, Horacio Quiros, and Pieter Haen / BCG 2012).

This performance boost is one reason companies are devoting more time and money to career development.

Equally important is how the techniques are taught. Only an efficient training affects your business.
PiA Consulting provides no run-of-the-mill training. We develop all the courses individually tailored to the real needs of your company. We believe that investment in education and training must have a measurable success.
That is why we have the return-on-investment perspective implemented in our HR and training.
Our trainings are designed according to the specifications of Accelerated Learning. Because the more natural the learning process of your employees, the easier and more effective it becomes. And easier and more effective processes produce outstanding results faster. And as learning becomes faster, your business needs to invest less money.

We work according to the MASTER model:

Design and re-designs organizations structures