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Meaningful Potential Analysis

Companies seek seasoned professional talent that adds value to their teams. Our job is to ensure that companies encounter that talent through a thorough assessment of a candidate’s skill, experience and human potential. Our aim is to find, engage and secure the most suitable candidate for your needs. Psychological Suitability Diagnostics is the application of scientifically based methods of personnel psychology to measure job-related characteristics of individuals. One cannot pass or fail a personality test. The proper matching is essential, not the existing capabilities in their entirety. In the psychological assessment, we find the right candidate for the job. We target the coordinated fit of candidates and companies.

Objectives of a meaningful Potential Analysis

All our tests are based on the most recent scientific findings and meet the highest psychological quality standards. Psychological tests are part of the standard tools in human resources management. We work with the persolog, KODE and BIP (Bochumer Inventar zur beruflichen Persönlichkeitsbeschreibung) test system.

We search for professionals that not only are qualified and talented but fits well into the culture, shares the values and have expectations that are coherent with the client’s. For teambuilding activities, we also work with the MBTI.

Organisational success is a matter of choice, not chance.

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What makes PiA-Consulting unique?

Personal Touch

Every assignment is managed by one partner who is in permanent contact with the client and responsible for the complete search process:

Defining ideal candidate specifications, contacting potential candidates, candidate interviews and asking for work references and selecting the final candidates for the position to be presented.